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Melinda is a survivor of the worst kinds of abuse anyone can face. She found ironic sanctuary as a stripper and an escortómore power over men than she'd ever had. Her carnal career salves her soul-deep wounds, and the flask of vodka in her dancer's bag ensures she needn't ever feel too deeply.

Gina turns tricks because sees no other way to survive. A transsexual woman chased out of college by bigotry, she had lived very well on her earnings as a prostitute until heroin turned her life into a self-destructive carousel where her only ambition is to earn enough to pay for her next fix of dope.

When Gina saves Melida from an attempted rape, she repays the favor by helping detox her from heroin. As the two women help each other, they begin to get a glimpse of what their life could be...and what it could be together. Yet even if their powerful addictions don't claim the couple, the vengeful rapist will try.

Not Your Average American Girl Not Your Average American Girl

Christine Beatty's memoir chronicles her journey from the kid next door to collegiate husband to transsexual woman, prostitute and addict, and her recovery and Phoenix-like rise to a life beyond her most improbable dreams. She guides her readers on an intimate journey through the subcultures of hippies, strippers, soldiers, urban transsexuals, prostitutes, addicts, jail, skid row and redemption. Ascending against all odds in her career, she is also a pioneering rock musician, a controversial journalist and an AIDS survivor. Told with the unflinching honesty of someone with nothing left to hide, the humor of a survivor who discovers silver linings in the darkest clouds, and the spirit of a rebel who refuses to be broken.
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Misery Loves Company ver.2 Misery Loves Company ver.2

An updated, expanded version of Christine's 1993 book: poignantly vivid sometimes brutal short stories and poetry, a semi-autobiographical perky, suicidal plunge into transsexual transition in mid-1980s San Francisco. This book takes the reader to a place most people never see, a poignant peek into the twilight world of San Francisco's meanest district, and a personal transformation of self-awareness and shocking discoveries in a world of prostitution, spiraling addiction and borderline insanity, and the beginnings of redemption. Illustrated by transsexual surrealist Nola Van Della and seasoned with photos from back in the day and around the 'hood.
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