Journalistic Stories

Margo St. James Runs for Supervisor
Spectator magazine November 1, 1996
Feature story on Margo St. James' nearly-successful candidacy for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Lusty Ladies Are Feisty Ladies
Spectator magazine July 18, 1997
Feature story on the unionization of San Francisco's exotic dancers and history of the Exotic Dancers Alliance.

I Was a Shameless Phone Slut
Postfeminist Playground, February 1998 issue.
An insider's tell-all her adventures the phonesex industry.

Queens Lose Their Virginity
Spectator magazine October 30, 1998
Coverage of the annual Virgin Queen Pageant, a fundraiser for Larkin Street Youth Center.

Motherlode Finally Victorious
Spectator magazine December 25, 1998
The last of a series of my articles on a transgender establishment's legal and political battles.

Fabulous Fauxs Fight for fame
Spectator magazine January 15, 1999
Coverage of the annual Faux Queen Pageant, a fundraiser for W.O.R.L.D.

Review: Mark 947
Diverse City magazine May 2, 2003
The memoirs of Calpernia Addams, thee transsexual woman whose story inspired Showtime film Soldier's Girl.

Review: The Man Who Would Be Queen
Spectator Magazine, December, 2003
A partisan indictment of a controversial work transsexual leaders call the most dangerous book in twenty years.

Essay: It Worked for Hitler
Brainfood, September, 2009
After the better part of a decade of listening to neocons and TEA Party adherents regurgitating one piece of propaganda, it was time to eviscerate some of the biggest lies one by one using only unimpeachable news sources and actual logic. The GOP has done a better job of spreading widely-believed lies than the Nazi propaganda machine ever did.

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