Christine Beatty, August 2011
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Christine Beatty is a published author, screenwriter and journalist. From 1991 to 2002 she was on the masthead of Spectator magazine as a regular contributor, covering political, sexuality and gender issues in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Her articles have also appeared in Bay Area Reporter, Tapestry, San Francisco Bay Times and many other publications in the USA and the United Kingdom.

Christine is currently marketing HOMEGIRL, an audacious, wrenching novel of two women enmeshed in sexwork and addiction, brought together by calamitous fate with a one-shot opportunity to rescue each other. In Hollywoodspeak, it is A Star is Born meets Butterfield 8.

Her previous book, NOT YOUR AVERAGE AMERICAN GIRL, is Christine's riveting memoir. With an honesty both brutal and wry, it peels back the surface of her transformation from hippie to soldier to husband to transsexual junkie prostitute. A search for identity and a headlong flight from implacable reality, from deep in the abyss to her astonishing rebirth.

In early 2011 she released an expanded edition of her collection of unflinching stories and poetry, MISERY LOVES COMPANY. Its twenty-nine works are semi-autobiographical cautionary tales and chronicles of a twilight world full of grace and disgrace.


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