Short Stories

Dirty Trick
Previously unpublished - newly revised
An out-of-work actress becomes her own director during a hotel room outcall with a toadlike trick, "in the moment" like never before. Partly based on a real-life tale related to the author, Christine plans to adapt this as a short screenplay.
Rated PG (Pretty Good)

That Mean Streak of Yours
Previously unpublished.
A transsexual lead singer clashes with her lover Dea, a beautiful lead guitarist, whose cocaine-lashed rage addiction tears apart both their rock band and their relationship. After Dea's High Drama, door slamming departure, the band lands finally a recording contract, leading to an uneasy reunion at the homecoming stop of their national tour.
Rated PG-13 (Pretty Good if you're 13)

Stranded Without Even Cabfare
Beyond Definition: New Writing from Gay and Lesbian San Francisco (Manic D. Press, 1994).
Author's whining comments: "I sent them this story and they hacked it to pieces, eviscerating half of it. They even changed the title to the hackneyed Long Lost Love. See the kind of treatment a new writer gets? [moan, sniffle]" This is the full version of the story I submitted to the publisher in 1993, spiffed up and editorially massaged to enhance your rubbernecking pleasure. A stark look at the travails of transsexual junkie whore. A fetid slice of urban life served up steaming cold.
Rated R (Reprehensible)

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