Transgender Writings

Coal for the HRCís Stocking
Bar Area Reporter, December 20, 2007
In October 2007, the Human Rights Campaign (the HRC) broke a four-year promise by supporting an Employment Non-Discrimination Act that excluded trans people.

It's Not Just Another Label's Transgender Gazebo, September, 2000
What "transgender" means to me in 669 words. The evolution of my identity over twenty years and the search for a place to belong in the world.

When labeling is a drag
Bar Area Reporter, July 15, 1999
On Friday of Pride Weekend a handful of us marched in a "Drag March" that became the annual Trans March that now draws thousands. This article called for the event to be renamed to be more inclusive.

Chicks with Dicks
Transsexual News Telegraph Magazine, Autumn, 1998
Given that SRS (sex reassignment surgery) is considered the hallmark of the "true" transsexual, why do some forego the surgery that makes them anatomically female?

Toxic Thinking, Part One: Elitism
TransSisters Magazine, Winter, 1995
A sardonic look at the implied pecking order in the transgender community and how it harms our solidarity and our campaign for rights.

What Sex Are You?
TransSisters Magazine Summer, 1994
An outrageous yet thoughtful exposition into the most primal topics of gender, far from the dry treatise you might expect. Careful, you might learn something!

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