Ask Trixie

In 2000 Christine wrote an "advice" column as an entertainment feature for Los Angeles/San Francisco rock underground 'zine 100 Punks! Magazine for a handful of issues. Targeted at rock musicians and their fans, "Mistress Trixie's" mixture of humor and brutal candor was inspired by her friend syndicated columnist Cintra Wilson's San Francisco Examiner weekly feature, "Cintra Wilson Feels Your Pain."

Ask Trixie column #2
Trixie grants a quickie lesson in feminism and then breaks up a love triangle in a Valley rock band, a doomed potential liason between the gorgeous female singer, the guitar player she's apparently dumped and the drummer who's got the hots for her but is also the guitarist's buddy. How will she handle this punk rock Peyton Place?

Ask Trixie column #3
An aging punk rocker transplant into the Los Angeles music scene depairs for attention from his fellow scenesters but can't seem to get a rise out of them, not even when he dons a chicken costume onstage. Should he follow his usual modus operandi and make enemies to make friends or will that approach backfire among Tinseltown's tenants?

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